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Real Estate Management

DV Real Estate offers a global and continual building and real estate property management service, for what concerns both the facility and property services; besides, it edits a complete and transparent report for the Customers.

In the field of property services, DV Real Estate is specialized in the management of the administration activities such as leasing contracts and relationship with the condominiums, the organization of the building insurance policies, the fiscal management, the real estate cadastral registration complying with the latest regulations, the administration of the bookkeeping, the estimate analysis of expenditure and the administration accomplishments.

For what concerns the technical management, DV Real Estate oversees all the activities linked to the correct use, maintenance and administration of the properties with direct control and verification of the correct maintenance of the building condition, its installation components, planning and co-ordination of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, requirements, selection of the supplier, contract predisposition, control and co-ordination of the building and facility management.