• Building industry: shopping malls, hotel complexes, schools, hospitals, residential buildings, industrial plants, and logistics centres; renovation and restoration including property assets subject to protection in the BB.AA. List (architectural and environmental heritage); recovery interventions and seismic adjustments; property development in-house and by third parties.
  • Hydraulic projects: water distribution systems, water lifting plants, water treatment and water purification systems.
  • Infrastructures: road and railway works.
  • Specialized geotechnical works: small and medium-diameter bored piles, micro-piles, anchor bolts, bucket diaphragms and with water-jet, jet grouting, injections

Operational ability

  • Design and project development: from the concept to the final project through the use of BIM; feasibility studies: preliminary planning, legal-technical and contractual assistance in environmental and urbanistic fields, marketing survey and details of relationships with potential tenants.
  • Construction: formulation and development of activities in the geotechnical, structural, architectural and plant engineering fields; detailed procurement for each specialty; construction management, cost planning and control, risk management and prevention and protection activities, commissioning and after-sales assistance.
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP): initial concept, business plan and investment structuring, analysis and evaluation of project risks; legal and contractual development of the initiatives.