About us

Di Vincenzo Dino & C S.p.A. holds an experience of over 70 years in the field of general constructions and planning. It is their commitment and the significant outcomes that has brought the company to be one of the most solid and reliable in Italy as proved by Customers’ satisfaction and by the constant and fulfilling cooperation with remarkable protagonists worldwide.

Alongside the activity of General Contractor, another sector has been developed since the 1950s for geotechnical works. Investments made in expertise and power has allowed the Geotechnical Division to be among the main operators in the sector and to contribute to the realization of several of the most noteworthy works completed in Italy.

The Real Estate business started 30 years ago and has developed progressively ever since offering a global and continuative management service including land and real-estate assets.

The wide range of abilities and the expert knowledge has allowed to gather a series of experience that runs from important public works to residential and office buildings, from malls and hotel buildings to hospitals and scientific research structures, from hydraulic works to important connecting infrastructures

Di Vincenzo Dino & C S.p.A. is a company of the Igefi Gruppo including over one thousand employees in Italy and a turnover of approximately 290 million in 2018.

IGEFI Srl is an industrial group operating in the sector of plant design and installation for Telecommunications, Constructions, Geotechnical and Oil&Gas. The company is developer and investor in the Real Estate and Power industry.


Di Vincenzo Dino & C S.p.A. stands out for its RELIABILITY, SOLIDITY AND EFFICIENCY among the first 50 leader construction companies.


IGEFI group is founded. This is the beginning of promoting the diversification process towards telecommunications, project development and services management.


“Di Vincenzo Dino” becomes “Di Vincenzo Dino & C S.p.A.”


Dino Di Vincenzo and Franceschino Cardano found SIPES, specialized in Geotechnics.


Di Vincenzo Dino Group obtains the registration in the ‘Unificato Regionale’ List of Trusted Businesess.


The companies “Di Vincenzo Dino” and “Cardano Franceschino” win their first contract as sole proprietorships.


Our activities are geared towards the achievement of the best outcomes respecting the needs of the Clients, assisting them and guiding them to choose the most effective, motivating research and the most appropriate solutions.

We are able to provide the best project and organizational solutions undertaking the possibility to realize any work within an agreed timeframe.

Thanks to the wide network of unrivalled highly-specialised and qualified professionals experienced in each area and discipline we are able to offer the best support according to the skills required for the project.

We pursue the complete satisfaction of our client during the entire process from the beginning to the end.