About us

DV Real Estate (at that time Di Vincenzo Estero S.r.l.) was founded on June 26th 1991 with the aim of developing real estate projects in the Balkan countries; DV Real Estate aims to be the project developer that co-ordinates the resources and all competences, in commercial, administrative, technical and financial fields, necessary for the progress of projects, utilizing an innovative real estate business model.

DV Real Estate was probably the first Italian company that obtained the approval of a financing from BERS (European Bank for the Reconstruction and Development, London). Across the years the resources and the skills of the IGEFI Group in the asset, property and facility management fields merged with DV Real Estate and evolved into an integrated company for real estate services. Today DV Real Estate controls property assets and facility management, from the development to the commercialization of real estate projects.

From 2005 DV Real Estate became the asset and property manager for the private real estate fund of Banca Esperia “Castello”.