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Urban re-qualification Ex Gaslini – Pescara URBAN RE-QUALIFICATION

The IGEFI Group in the early 1990s acquired an old industrial oil factory named Gaslini, situated in an off central area in Pescara. The first refurbishment was done at the beginning of 1990s: the old factory is converted into a leisure centre and the initiative is directly administrated. DV Real Estate carries on the management of the complex that follows a progressive development: after the signing of the first leasing contract in the mid 1990s. In 2001 a fitness centre was opened by Fitness First. Starting in 2003, DV Real Estate co-ordinates the process that brings to the drafting of a “Piano di Recupero Urbano” (Urban Re-qualification Programme), thanks to which new structures for directional commercial and residential use have started. The complex, at present under construction, includes a total covered surface of approx. 12.880 m2. The area, once in an off centre position in Pescara, is now in one of the most active and interesting zones of the city, between the new Court of Justice and the University.