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Verona, farewell Bentegodi: “Arena style for the brand new stadium at zero cost”

Verona, farewell Bentegodi: “Arena style for the brand new stadium at zero cost”

The call for bids has met its deadline today at 13:00 for the construction of the new stadium in Verona. The structure will be carried out at zero cost for the Municipality that will hold the ownership. The mayor Mr Federico Sboarina has announced that the companies Nuova Arena S.r.l. and General Contractor Di Vincenzo Dino S.p.A. extended their proposal. The proposition, which will be evaluated by the administration office in every aspect, made by Di Vincenzo S.p.A. provides the construction of a new stadium in the same exact area where Bentegodi rises today.

The proposal holds an agreement with the sports club Hellas Verona: the outline and the elliptical shape of the Arena will be the inspiration for the project. The new stadium will hold 27,000 spectators and include an underground car park for 800 vehicles. Moreover, going through the considerable documentation, there is the hypothesis that there might be a retractable roof. The dimensions of the new stadium will be smaller than Bentegodi, and this consents to design and implement an urban park around the facility redeveloping Piazza Olimpia and the area within. The facility will be able to accommodate a hotel, a preschool, a museum, a gym, a theatre, and spaces for offices and shops.

The construction of the sports facility will progress in several phases. In the meantime, a temporary stadium holding 16,000 spectators will be built in the car park in Via Sogare. Once this is achieved, the Bentegodi stadium will be demolished, and the new sports structure will be built. “The proposal”, explains Mr Sboarina – must be weighed from all points of view by the administration. However, there are some set limiting clauses: the new sports structure will be public property, however, it will be run by a qualified company. From a first analysis of the project, the proponents agree that the stadium must be active 7/24, due to the numerous services and spaces destined for the citizens and the neighbourhood, and the reduced number of businesses. The administration procedures will begin only when the management will consider the proposal interesting. (a.mat.)

source: vvox

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